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(Warning: this post contains Doubt "spoilers" and brief, non-graphic discussion of child abuse in the Catholic church.)

I fretted over “Recompense Delight”* more than any other fanfic I’ve ever posted. Writing it was a giddy, stay-up-far-too-late-typing style of FUN, but still I fretted.

A lot. )

*After the fact, I kind of think “Recompense Delight” sounds funny. What I meant by the title was that love and sex and the sharing of oneself with another are delightful things, and that just as the sinners in Romans “receiv[e] in themselves that recompense of their error,” it is possible to compensate another person for lovely things, too. Unfortunately, it kind of sounds like a dessert, like Marshmallow Pineapple Delight, or something. Oh well.
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My writing is slow as molasses at the moment. And stiff as dried molasses.


Please help. Prompts? (I know I haven't finished the Doubt drabbles from the last time I did something like this--they're still in my head. It'll happen. Now, I just need some words from the outside to unstick my own words.)

The result will probably be Devil Wears Prada (film) fic with Andy/Miranda as the pairing. I may use the prompts to help with my current story, or I might try my hand at more drabbles (in other words, I can't promise that every prompt will result in a story). I'd take any sort of prompt, from a word or phrase to a physical location to a description of a scenario. Thanks!

Also: Strike the Pose, by [ profile] woldy. It reminds me of some of the first DWP stories written: the ones about power and clothes.


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