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I'm long overdue for a rec post! Here are a few choice stories from the last several months. The theme: thinking and having fun all at the same time, with fanfic as the medium for said activities. Yes, it can be done.

The Ship and the Girl by [ profile] needled_ink1975 (The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Andy, PG-13)
The word that springs to mind upon reading this story is "thoughtful." Thoughtful exploration of Miranda's pre-film past, thoughtful treatment of the friendship and professional life and familial experiences of two women, thoughtful narration, thoughtful diction and syntax and everything. And guess what else? It's fun.

Four Suites and One Room by [ profile] chilly_flame (The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Andy, M)
Chilly_Flame is another master of the concept of thinking and having fun all at the same time. Also, this story is really, really hot. As I mentioned to the author, "porn with plot" is a favorite genre, and this story is a prime example.

Making History (One Saturday at a Time) by [ profile] thelastgoodname (The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Andy, R)
Thelastgoodname provided this rating: "explicit sports content. Implicit sexual content." That really says it all. Again, there is lots of thinking and lots of fun. Miranda is a football fan! Andy is a Miranda fan! By the end, Miranda is an Andy fan (and very much remains a truly scary hardcore football fan), and Andy might like football just a little bit, too.


Beta Tested by [ profile] somniesperus (Battlestar Galactica, Roslin/Apollo, M)
So, it kind of cracks me up that this story is called "Beta Tested," because I beta-read it. I had a lot of fun doing so, too, though the real fun is in the sort of "beta-testing" shenanigans in which the characters indulge, all in the name of fleet safety, of course. I stubbornly maintain that the love between Laura Roslin and her Captain Apollo is canon, and Telanu does a fantastic job expanding upon the sexual tension and genuine affection present between the two characters.


In other news, the nuns remain stubborn, and progress remains slow, but I am not abandoning this Doubt story. The nuns are maddening and fun, and--in sticking with the theme here--I'm thinking about them a whole lot. I just need to spend more time thinking with a pen in my hand. Other things that remain stubborn: my poetry, my future, and my cats.


Edited to add: I love these rec'd stories with all my heart, and there have been some other good ones, too. I don't mean to sound too bitter(ly sarcastic) over the thinking and the having of fun: I just want to particularly applaud the efforts made at doing both. Sometimes, fandoms lose sight of that balance, and the fact that these fics don't have that problem is truly something to celebrate.
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Andy the Vampire Slayer by [ profile] la_fono (The Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, PG)
Words-and-pictures for grown-ups, rendered by an artist who knows how to have exactly the right amount of fun.

The Very Secret Diary of Character X by [ profile] pantone462 (The Devil Wears Prada, Nigel Kipling, PG-13)
Clever and creative, this story presents one of the most realistic looks at Miranda I've seen in a fic.


Father by [ profile] lupinotuum (Battlestar Galactica, Laura Roslin, Hard R)
This story follows Laura Roslin from her childhood until the Cylon attack. Although [ profile] lupinotuum's characterizations of Laura don't always line up with how I see her, I believed this story intensely as I read. There's an unrelentless quality to the storytelling here, and the ingredients of Laura's power are beautifully rendered.

fic rec!

Jul. 25th, 2009 09:07 am
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Working Title by [ profile] pin_drop (fandom: "The Devil Wears Prada" [film], rating: M, pairings: Andy/Miranda, Miranda/Nigel)

This story is And gender. And sex. Often at the same time, and in the cleverest, strangest, loveliest of ways. I recommend reading the author's warning before diving in, but I also recommend diving in at your earliest possible convenience, because this isn't a "squicky" story at all, but rather a story about how incredibly complicated it is to be a human. [ profile] pin_drop does justice to every character's experience--even in their most private or most misunderstood of moments, I feel genuine emotion for all of them.

It's also extremely long, extremely sexy, and--even when it's sad or intense, sometimes especially when it's sad or intense--extremely fun to read. Go forth and find out for yourself!
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You know you've reached a new height of bourgeois I-don't-know-what when you're getting your Recipe for Cold-Brew Coffee from The New York Times, but I (mostly) love The Times and I always love caffeine and am choosing to embrace these facts without shame. Cold-brewing is a really easy process, and you can save a ton of money making your own iced coffee rather than buying it in a coffeeshop. One tip: I've been using paper coffee filters to strain the coffee concentrate, and they have a tendency to split open once they've been filled with too many coffee grounds. Either double up on the filters or dump out some of the grounds partway through, otherwise you'll end up with rather chunky concentrate and will have to start all over again. (If you're careful, you won't need to strain it twice.)

The finished product is also far less bitter than what you get if you refrigerate regular drip coffee. I usually take sugar in my coffee, but this is great black or with just a little milk and nothing else: a truly delicious recipe.

Mustn't by [ profile] somniesperus (The Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, NC-17)
This story was posted a while back, and given Telanu's well-deserved popularity it seems likely that everyone in the fandom has already read it. But an author's fame is no reason not to rec something great, and this story is fantastic. Usually, I find well-done, thoughtful stories of "forbidden love" to be either sad but hot or hot but sad. This one is just...sad AND hot, in equal, lovely doses. Telanu referred to it as PWP, and I think "Porn With Plot" is more apt than "Plot? What Plot?" in this case. Regardless of its classification, this is one of the best stories Telanu has written--and that's saying a lot.

Crash and Burn by [ profile] ubiquitousmixie (The Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, Andy/Emily, Emily/Miranda, Andy/Emily/Miranda [!!!], R)
So, the first part of this story was written for me as part of Ubiquitousmixie's drabble challenge, but that's not (the only reason) why I like it. The author takes what could be a story about pure and simple lust and turns it into an impressive meditation on power--over the self and over others. These characters don't want to care about the consequences of what they're doing, but they do. The shifting points-of-view are gracefully written, and the women's separate experiences culminate in a truly stunning way. For a story about sex, each character is so intensely inside her own mind. Very striking piece.

Holding Pattern and Peanuts and Cracker Jacks by [ profile] thatfangirl (Murphy Brown/Rachel Maddow)
I have never watched "Murphy Brown" or "The Rachel Maddow Show" on a regular basis, I don't make a habit of reading RPF, and damn it if these aren't some of the sweetest, sharpest stories I've had the pleasure of reading in quite a long time. These stories are narrated so matter-of-factly: the characters don't take each other for granted, but they know and accept each other for who they are with a rare clarity. The author has a good sense of humor, and the talent to say a great deal--and well--in a relatively short space. I highly recommend these stories even to people who aren't especially familiar with the characters: you'll probably enjoy them if you've ever, say, eaten a hot dog or visited a museum or experienced more than one human emotion simultaneously.
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My writing is slow as molasses at the moment. And stiff as dried molasses.


Please help. Prompts? (I know I haven't finished the Doubt drabbles from the last time I did something like this--they're still in my head. It'll happen. Now, I just need some words from the outside to unstick my own words.)

The result will probably be Devil Wears Prada (film) fic with Andy/Miranda as the pairing. I may use the prompts to help with my current story, or I might try my hand at more drabbles (in other words, I can't promise that every prompt will result in a story). I'd take any sort of prompt, from a word or phrase to a physical location to a description of a scenario. Thanks!

Also: Strike the Pose, by [ profile] woldy. It reminds me of some of the first DWP stories written: the ones about power and clothes.

fic rec!

Apr. 14th, 2009 02:50 pm
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"Miriam Princhek" by [ profile] pin_drop (fandom: "Devil Wears Prada" [film], rating: M, pairing: Andy/Miranda)

Hot damn! This fic is fantastic, and it's (to my knowledge) the first fic the author has posted in this fandom, so I want to do my small part to make sure it gets read by as many people as possible. I don't want to give too much away, but it's all about lies and truth and power dynamics and the power of names, and it's sexy and psychologically rich and entertaining without a single gratuitous moment. It is very sad, but not hopelessly so, and its happy moments are the opposite of hokey. Definitely one of the best things I've read in awhile. Go read it, if you haven't already!


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